La Maman Et La Putain, 1973

Les Choristes (2004) dir. Christophe Barratier

Spring and Autumn Trees and Grasses by a Stream, Edo period, 2nd half of the 17th century
Rimpa School (Japanese)
Pair of six-panel screens; ink, color, gold, and silver on paper 

Footloose (1984) dir. Herbert Ross

self-portrait by Charlie Moreau

Shannon Licitra

Iceland, My Edit of Patagonia’s original post here

revolution1893 said: ~eterna saudade~

Deixa lá hei de voltar dos mortos daqui a 7 dias para te fazer companhia na nobre arte de gozar com os outros

nymphaeaceous said: *kisses a million times and cuddles even more times*

aw my darling you’re so amazingly sweet! sending all these kisses and a million more to you :3

mvsgo said: -aggressively sobs while holding u- don’t leave

*edward scissorhands voice* …i cant… (there there é só uma semanita)

@mvsgo said: *has a mental breakdown*

junta-te ao clube miguito